The story of great entrepreneurial success

In the sea of all American entrepreneurs making to the young billionaire there are only a few names that are non-American and can be put in the list of high achievers. One of them is that of Adam Neumann. This young man was born in Tel Aviv and his mother brought him up single handedly. They moved to USA in the year 2001 in order to manage his sister’s career in modelling. However, before this he did not sit idle and had served in the Israeli Navy for a total of five years.


The zeal to work has paid off

In fact, he has never sat idle and has been involved in the making of many companies like those dealing with apparel, real estate and then in the year 2008 he founded Greendesk that is devoted to make the workplace in the USA more ecofriendly. Later he and his partner Miguel McKelvy decided to start a company named WeWork that would help people in starting their own business while collaborating at the same time. This great idea was put to work in the year 2010 leading to a great celebrity net worth.

The most innovative idea

This idea was accepted very well among the people and that led to the expansion of the company all through the USA. The company has more than 100 employees that ae working to help people realise their entrepreneurial dreams. Right now the company has it reach in not only the USA but also in Israel and Europe.

The value of WeWork was that of $5 billion when it started and that has increased to a whopping $10 billon increasing Neumann’s worth to $1.5 billion according to celebritynetworth. He has never sit idle and has overcome all the odds to become a truly professional entrepreneur by not even letting his dyslexia come into his way.